Vandals target aquarium store leaving over $20,000 in damages


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An aquatics store in Kansas, USA, has been targeted by vandals who killed hundreds of marine fish and corals, estimated to cost more than $20,000.

The store, Aquariums Wholesale, displays its reefs in window displays that attract customers from around the metro area.

However on Sunday afternoon or early Monday morning, vandals poured copper powder into four of the display tanks, killing the coral.

As the coral died, it released toxins into the water that subsequently killed many of the fish, some of which were not for sale.

The owner lost over 1,000 corals and it is feared that either a rival or unhappy customer was the culprit, aiming to put the store out of business.

Jonny Wright of Aquariums Wholesale, said: "We're still having stuff die today.

"It's still adding up. We have pages of stuff dying.

"We have to add it up for investigation going on. It's a good $20,000."

The retailer is offering a reward of $1,000 for anyone with information that could lead to the arrest of those responsible.

Workers say that although this is a huge loss that will set them back, they will come back from this and aim to begin selling corals over the internet worldwide.

It is expected to take two weeks to clean and restore the display tanks.