Undescribed fish wins Champion of Champions


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An unidentified catfish believed to be an undescribed species has won the Champion of Champions award at the British Aquarist Festival.

The annual British Aquarist Festival was held at St Matthew's Hall at Stretford, Manchester on August 12-13.

The first day was devoted to Goldfish with the Northern Goldfish and Pondkeepers' Society (NGPS) holding their Open Show and contributing to the Champion of Champions Coldwater.

With 152 entries to the Open Show and 10 entries to Champion of Champions the day was judged a success. Sherridan Moores (NGPS) won Champion of Champions Coldwater with a Calico lionhead.

On Sunday it was the Champion of Champions Tropical competition with a record 32 entries and the winner was a yet-to-be identified catfish exhibited as L128 "Blue spot" by John Egan of Port Talbot AS.

The Open Show was not so well attended with only 95 entries instead of the usual 200+ and the Best in Show was a rare Dwarf swordtail Xiphophorus nigrensis by Dave McAllister of British Livebearers Association.