Underwater Life Festival Paris announced


A number of international experts are speaking at the forthcoming Underwater Life Festival in Paris.

The event, which is due to take place on the 2nd and 3rd of April, 2005, at the City of Sciences Congress Center, La Villette, Paris, was formally known as CIRCoP and is organised by the NGO Le Festival de la vie Sous-Marine est l'un des projets de l'ong.

On the first day, Gary Ostrander of John Hopkins University is talking about the significance of colour in coral reef fishes. Mary Wicksten of Texas University is speaking about Camouflage in the sea. Paul Holthus of the Marine Aquarium Council is presenting a lecture called " Healthy Reefs, Healthy Hobby, a symbiotic relashionship". Serge Planes is talking about how analysing the dispersal patterns of reef fishes can help us to better manage their environments.

On the second day of the event, Patrick Louisy is talking on inter-specific relationships on the reef. Gregor Hodgson of ReefCheck is speaking about multi-disciplinary efforts in coral reef rehabilitation.

Ginette Allard and Patrick Scaps are looking at the reef biodiversity of Sulawesi, while Mary Wicksten rounds off with a lecture on Cleaner wrasses.

The event will also include a seminar fronted by representatives from the Marine Aquarium Council (MAC) to discuss how people can work together using their certification system.

For more details on the event visit the CIRCop website.