Underwater hotel will let you sleep with the fishes


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An underwater hotel that looks like something out of a sci-fi movie is being planned for Dubai, in which visitors really will be able to sleep with the fishes.

Plans for the luxury 'Water Discus Hotel' include two enormous buildings, or 'discs', that resemble spaceships — one positioned above the water, and the other 10m below it. The underwater building will be surrounded by a coral reef.

The discs will be connected by three legs and a vertical shaft with a lift and staircase.

The underwater disc will have 21 rooms, along with a dive centre and a bar. Each of the guest rooms will feature a special lighting system to enable guests to get the best photos of the fish and other sea life — and they will be able to operate miniature underwater vehicles from inside the rooms, allowing them to take a look at even the most microscopic sea creatures, using macro photography.

Deep Ocean Technology is the hotel developer, partnered by a Swiss company called BIG InvestConsult. You can find out more about the plans and see more pictures by visiting the Deep Ocean Technology website.

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