UK bathers warned of mantis shrimps


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Those brave enough to take a dip into the chilly waters of the UK have been warned to be on the lookout for tropical Mantis shrimps which can inflict painful wounds, after a pair was found off Dorset.

According to The Telegraph, two 8cm/3" mantis shrimps were caught by a trawler in Weymouth Bay, Dorset. Marine biologists have suggested that global warming may have allowed a breeding colony to become established in the area.

Weymouth Sealife Centre has the shrimps on display in a special reinforced aquarium, as the shrimps are said to be capable of smashing glass using their powerful claws. They have warned bathers to be on the lookout for the orange shrimps.

Displays Supervisor Chris Brown told The Telegraph: "As far as we know this species has never been found off Britain. It is rare for them to attack a human so we don't want to scare off holidaymakers. The only time there could be a problem is if you pick one up."