Ugly goldfish gets surgery


A disfigured fish at a museum in Scotland has undergone surgery to remove a lump from its head, after visitors complained about its appearance.

The goldfish at the Royal Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh had the "harmless but unsightly" lump removed from its head during surgery paid for by museum visitors.

According to a report from The Scotsman, although the fish showed no signs of distress due to the growth, scientists at the museum decided that the fish should undergo surgery to remove it.

A spokesman told the paper that the fish's eye also had to be removed along with the lump during surgery.

The Scotsman says that visitors had complained that the fish looked unwell but the Museum would not confirm the exact number of complaints received.

One source told the paper: "People were saying, 'One of your fish has an unsightly growth coming out from its head'. They went to the reception desk saying, 'You've got an ill fish there'."