Two new tetras found


Two new species of tetra from the Astyanax genus have been discovered in Brazil.

The new characins, which are members of the family Characidae, have been named Astyanax microschemos and Astyanax pelecus by Vinicius Bertaco and Carlos de Lucena in a paper in the journal Neotropical Ichthyology.

A. microschemos was found in the Corrego Palmital area of the Rio Itapemirim drainage, while A. pelecus was found in the Rio Pardo drainage in Bahia, Brazil.

Astyanax microschemos has a massive head, shallow body, short snout and a vertically-elongated black humeral spot, which is a characteristic of the members of the Astyanax scabripinnis group.

Astyanax pelecus has a humeral spot above the lateral line, as well as a dark stripe running along the middle of its flanks from the edge of the gill cover to the base of the tail.

Both species also have some morphomeristic features that set them apart from other Astyanax species.

A. microschemos has a shallower body depth than others, at around 26.9-29.7% of its body length, it also has 14-18 branched anal rays and a smaller interorbital width.

Astyanax pelecus differs from other Astyanax species by a body depth of 26.7-34.8% of standard length, 16-18 branched anal rays and 38-39 scales in the lateral line series.

For more information on the new tropical fish species see the paper: Bertaco VA and CAS de Lucena (2006) - Two new species of Astyanax (Ostariophysi: Characiformes: Characidae) from eastern Brazil, with a synopsis of the Astyanax scabripinnis species complex. Neotropical Ichthyology, 4(1):53-60, 2006.

Astyanax species distributionsThe members of the Astyanax genus are quite widespread through South and Central America and the genus currently contains around 90 valid species. You can view the distributions of some of these fishes on Practical Fishkeeping's Fish Mapper application.

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