Two new gudgeon named


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Turkish scientists have found that gudgeon from Anatolia are made up of eight species, two of which are new to science.

The Anatolian gudgeon were previously believed to be subspecies of Gobio gobio, but an analysis of new material and specimens from Hamburg-based research institutions has revealed that eight distinct species are present.

Naseka, Erk'akan and F Kk, studied fish from Hamburg University and the Hamburg Zoological Institute and Museum collections, along with recently collected Gobio from Anatolia and have just reported their findings in the journal Zoosystematica Rossica.

The two new fishes have been named Gobio battalgilae and G. maeandricus.

Gobio maeandricus is found in the headwaters of the Great Menderes River, on the Aegean Sea basin, while Gobio battalgilae is found in the northern Beysehir Lake system in Central Anatolia.

The new gudgeon differ from existing species in the number of lateral line scales, the predorsal and circumpeduncular scale counts, the scale pattern on the ventral surface, the number of vertebrae, the length of the barbels, the shape of the lower lip and their colour pattern.

For more information see the paper: Naseka, AM, F Erk'akan and F Kk, 2006. A description of two new species of the genus Gobio from Central Anatolia (Turkey) (Teleostei: Cyprinidae). Zoosystematica Rossica, 15: 185-194.