Two new Discus books


If you're a Discus fan, you're bound to enjoy these great books from two leading experts on the subject.

Discus Book 01 by Heiko Bleher
This must be the world’s best book on wild Discus and Heiko Bleher has literally spent a lifetime putting it together. The publication is a milestone for nature lovers, explorers, Amazon lovers and those who want to know about the newest Discus and other Amazonian discoveries.

Inside you can also find unique and truly new loricariid catfishes (20 pages), from Brazil, Colombia and Venezuela; discovery of new Discus variants, new angelfishes and an overview of the nine angelfishes recognised by Heiko throughout South America, discoveries in previously unexplored Amazon regions; rediscoveries, conversations with breeders never before interviewed, authentic biotope aquariums for Discus down to the last detail, journeys to Amazon regions unknown to white man — and so much more.

Price: £19.95, plus £2.35 post and packaging. Available from Discus South.

Discus World by Chris Ingham
Written by Chris Ingham of Plymouth Discus, this 208-page practical guide includes details on wild and cultivated Discus, set-up and maturation, water purifiers, tank mates, buying, feeding, sexing, breeding, health and problem solving.

Chris is well known in Discus circles and prides himself on this book being written in plain English and being easy for everyone to understand.

Price: £39.99. Available from Plymouth Discus.