Tunze Turbelle Masterstream


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To celebrate its 50 year anniversary Tunze have released the largest capacity pump they have made.

Called the Turbelle Masterstream, there are three circulation pumps in the range turning over up to 150,000lph, and for aquariums over 20,000 litre capacity.

"After Turbelle Nanostream and Stream, Tunze is introducing a new class of pumps for the market segment of high-capacity propellor pumps,"say Tunze.

"These new pumps are primarily intended for zoos, research institutes, rehabilitation clinics and fish breeding operations, but there is also a model for aquarists running large aquariums, who need a powerful and wide flow rate for their reef tanks."

"Turbelle masterstream have been designed for maximum efficiency at economical energy consumption."

Less energy

"On account of the new electronic motor operating on extra safe low voltage, the pump remains quiet even at top performance and in addition consume distinctly less energy for the same performance, than conventional water pumps."

There are three models in the range for aquariums of over 5,000, 10,000 and 20,000 litres repectively.

Flow rate is adjustable and controllable on all with maximum flow being 80,000, 110,000 and 150,000 lph respectively, for 90 watts, 115 watts and 280 watts respectively.

When compared to centrifugal pumps with similar outputs Tunze say that thousands of pounds per annum can be saved just in running costs, and that despite the price of these pumps, they can more than pay for themselves in cost savings, in their first year.

Retail prices are expected to be around £888, £1777 and £2114 respectively, including power supply, 10 metre cable and controllers.