Tropic Marin salt now in 180g packs


Not a revolutionary product by any stretch, but this is an innovative way to make life easier for nano marine keepers, says Nathan Hill.

It’s likely you’ll have seen the 5 l./1 gal. containers, because they’re pretty much everywhere. The Tropic Marin 180g pouch is just the right size to slip in to one of these containers prior to filling with RO, after which you can slip the lid on, give everything a shake until it goes clear, and then you have five litres of marine water ready to go.

There are no more big bags of salt sat there absorbing moisture from the air and no more getting my fingers covered in salt every time I need to weigh out a load for water changes.

This is a good idea for all nano keepers who want to keep things as simple as possible. Also, it’s comparable in price to a lot of the pre-mixed marine waters once you’ve splashed out on a bag and some RO.

Price: £1.99 for 180g.

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