TMC to launch Polario pumps


Tropical Marine Centre says it has been appointed the UK's official distributor of the Rio, Seio, Seio Prop and Polario range of pumps and power filters.

TMC told Practical Fishkeeping that it is due to launch the Polario dual-action programmable pumps, which are designed for reef aquariums, in February 2009.

The rest of the products will go on display to the trade at the PATS trade show, which takes place at Sandown, Surrey at the end of March.

The Polario pumps feature bi-directional outlets, which are claimed to simulate the natural action of waves, and run at high flow rates from a low voltage (16V) transformer.

The pumps include a custom-made controller and have pre-programmed settings which gradually increase flow to provide alternating currents.

TMC told Practical Fishkeeping: "The pumps provide alternating water currents and can be set to switch at various intervals, from every 15 seconds to every 30 minutes. Or the pump can be set to 'auto' mode in which flow alternates from the left and right outlets every 15 seconds."

The Polario pumps are mounted onto the aquarium via a magnet fitting and come in two sizes, providing flow rates of up to 22,000 lph. More sizes are due out later this year.