TMC to launch GroBeam1000 and AquaBeam1000 Ultra HD


Tropical Marine Centre have given PFK a sneak preview of their new lights " the GroBeam1000 and AquaBeam1000 HD.

Called the AquaBeam1000 Ultra HD, the new compact marine light measures just 20 x 20cm, though is said to have a light output that is equivalent to that of a 150W metal halide.

The unit contains ten LEDs, seven 14000K white lights, and three 50000K+ blue lights combining to give a reported 1200 lumens output, and high PAR (Photosynthetically Active Radiation) ratings.

It is also waterproof, fully compatible with the new MMS mounting system, dimmable and controllable via a clever new controller, which is due for release this summer.

Ultra High Density lighting is ideal for reef systems, say TMC. The AquaBeam 1000 uses high quality custom optics with high power LEDs emitting natural and full spectrum light, suitable for plants and corals.


A freshwater version will also launch under TMC s aquaGro brand, using 6500K LEDs emitting over 800 lumens.

This is especially suitable for planted aquariums and for enhancing the colours of your tropical fish.

Low heat output ensures minimal heat transfer to the aquarium water, reducing the need for additional cooling systems.

The compact size also makes the Aqua Beam 1000 suitable for nano tanks.

Launch date

When questioned TMC could not give a definite launch date, or an RRP for the new lights or the controller, though they hinted at July/August 2009.

The model that PFK previewed was a pre-production prototype, shown at the PATS trade show, Harrogate.

Practical Fishkeeping has been promised more information as soon as it is available.