TMC to launch AquaGro aquarium planting range


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Tropical Marine Centre is launching a new range of products for planted freshwater aquariums.

The new AquaGro range is to be launched at the Pet and Aquatic Trade Shows (PATS) in Sandown during mid March.

TMC has announced the first product in the range as the AquaGro CO2 Starter Kit, which is due to sell for just 9.99 " the lowest price on the market.

The CO2 Starter Kit is a very simple pressurised gas reactor, designed to boost the growth of aquarium plants by adding carbon dioxide to the water. It is based around a disposable 550ml canister, and a simple CO2 diffuser.

The fishkeeper needs to be manually spray CO2 out of the aerosol cannister to fill the reactor chamber.

TMC told Practical Fishkeeping: Its unique modular design allows multiple diffusers to be connected together for larger aquarium installations and/or to increase CO2 diffusion capacity.

The Kit also includes a non-return valve which prevents any water from the tank siphoning into the canister, and 2m of CO2 proof hosing to connect the Kit to the diffuser in the aquarium.