TMC Signature aquariums arrive at PFK HQ


Monday December 3 saw Practical Fishkeeping Magazine take delivery of the brand new Signature range of aquariums from Tropical Marine Centre.

First showed off at Germany's Interzoo trade show in May 2012, the range caters for both freshwater and marine aquarists with key design features including optiwhite glass, rimless aquariums and minimal, modern designs.

Four aquariums make up the range - two for fresh and two for saltwater. The freshwater tanks are sure to get the aquascaper's hearts beating as not only are they optiwhite, rimless and braceless, and on Japanese style minimalist cabinets, they are also shallow, making 'scaping, lighting and maintaining them easy.

The two freshwater sizes are 45 x 45 x 30cm high and 60 x 45 x 30cm high.

For the salties the the aquarium sets (which include the cabinets and fittings kits,) come drilled, with minimalist inlets and outlets, neat space saving sumps, rimless optiwhite tanks and this time finished in black silicone. Standard tanks are not drilled.

PFK led the way in featuring shallow aquariums and has featured the editor's 80 x 60 x 30cm high, George Farmer's 60 x 45 x 30cm high tank and The Green Machine's ADA 120 F, being 120 x 30 x 20cm high.

TMC was quick to identify the emerging trend and is now able to offer these modern tank designs to everyone and at an affordable price.

Getting our hands wet

Upon arrival of the two tanks, a squabble ensued between PFK staff as they fought to get their hands on the new tanks and stake their claim.

Both a freshwater and marine model will be reviewed at length followed by both a step by step freshwater and marine aquascape.

Tthese tanks confirm that Nathan Hill and I have the best jobs in the world," said Jeremy Gay, PFK's editor.

"Christmas has definitely come early for both of us!"  

"We have high expectations for the new range of tanks and if after testing and reviewing them, we like them, we'll be shouting about it from the roof tops."

A central live rock bommie is planned for the 45cm cube marine tank, and Nathan mentioned some Nannoptopoma  he's planning for the shallow.

If you're thinking of buying one, watch this space for the review.

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