Three-legged thief is caught on camera


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A three legged-otter has been caught on CCTV by a pond owner in Durham - and it's thought the animal may be responsible for the deaths of thousands of pounds worth of Koi and goldfish in the area.

Nicknamed Stumpy, the otter was caught at Brian Agar's Newton Hall pond in the early hours, after he'd installed cameras to try and find out where all his fish were disappearing to.

He's lost dozens of fish from his Caterhouse Road recently, as has another pond owner in nearby Raby Road.

In this instance Stumpy went away hungry from Mr Agar's pond — metal mesh has been fitted over it to try and deter the thief, which at first was believed to be a heron.

It's thought that Stumpy's disability may have led him away from his natural environment to go fishing at the housing estate, rather than in the River Wear.

Mr Agar told Sky Tyne and Wear that he thought the otter should be rehabilitated into its own natural habitat.

You can watch the news report, complete with CCTV footage below:


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