Thousands of fish removed from abandoned shopping mall


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Thousands of fish that have spend the last decade living in a condemned shopping mall in Bangkok are being caught and transferred to new homes.

The city's New World Mall has been abandoned for almost 20 years. The building began to flood, eventually turning what was once the floor into a pond, so local traders introduced Koi, tilapia and catfish into the mall to deal with the mosquitos that began breeding in the water.

The mall has become popular with tourists, who feed the fish and take photos of the surreal surroundings, despite an order barring entry due to safety concerns.

But staff from Bangkok Metropolitan Administration have been busy catching the fish in huge nets. They will be taken to Thailand's Department of Fisheries before being given new lives in canals and rivers across Thailand. Once the fish are gone, the water will be  drained from the building.

The BMA is demanding that the mall's owner, Kaew Pooktuanthong, pays demolition costs of 10 million baht (approximately £202,500), reports The Bangkok Post.