The world's longest fish tank


What is believed to be the world's longest aquarium went on display on Friday for the opening ceremony of the Taiwan International Ornamental Fish Expo in Tarpei.

The 33m long aquarium has seven sections featuring scenery and landmarks from around the island including the Yehliu Geopark at the north coast, the landmark Taipei 101 building, Taiwan's highest Jade Mountain and the Taroko National Park.

It holds 28 tons of water and is made of tempered glass with an extra explosion-proof layer. Each of the tanks is connected with a curved tank displaying waterfalls.

The set-up was designed by landscape artist Lai Yung-sheng, who used styrofoam, foamed concrete and natural rocks from Taiwan to complete the settings.

More than 200 species of cichlid are included in the display. has a news video showing the aquarium in more detail.

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