The worl's largest privately owned jellyfish tank


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An enormous 4,000 l. jellyfish display tank has been installed at a restaurant in Manchester's Trafford Centre.

The acrylic saltwater aquarium, believed to be the largest privately owned jellyfish tank in the world, was created by Aquarium Architecture, a UK supplier of bespoke installation aquariums, especially for ChaoBaby restaurant (part of the Chaophraya chain). The tank holds an amazing 150 moon jellyfish from Thailand. 
The aquarium is kept at 17C by two powerful chillers that replicate the temperate waters of the ocean. The jellyfish are hand fed twice daily using live baby brine shrimp, hatched on-site. It is crucial that the baby shrimp reach the jellyfish at just the right time before they develop shells. Any hard shell consumed by the jellyfish could potentially kill them due to their delicate digestive systems. 
Aquarium Architecture worked with designers JMDA Ltd, who were responsible for the interior of the new restaurant, to tie the unique structure into the wider space. Key features include bespoke lighting that changes colour in tune with the rest of the dining room throughout the day. 
From concept to completion the entire project took just four weeks. 
Aquarium Architecture will be responsible for the ongoing maintenance of the tank and Chaophraya are so thrilled with the new installation that they have just commissioned the team to create a second tank for their other Manchester restaurant, on Chapel Walks.
They are also planning a 10m long exhibit holding sharks and other creatures found in the waters around Thailand for their next opening in the North, details of which are being kept under wraps for the time being.