The PFK Dyed-fish-o-meter


We've recently published a full list of all of the aquatic outlets who've signed our pledge not to stock fish which have been artificially dyed.

So far, we've managed to get 319 shops to sign up and say that they won't sell fish that have been dyed. This is about 28% of the UK's aquatic shops.

We think this is pretty good, but we'd be happier if we could get the percentage closer to 100% and we reckon that with your help, we can probably do it.

Have a look at the list, and if your local shop isn't listed, tell them, and ask them to visit the site or contact Matt Clarke (on 01733 465204 or [email protected]) to request a form so they can be signed up.

Details of why we're running the campaign, and more information on signing up, can be found on the Dyed Fish Campaign page.