The perils of working at a public aquarium!


A brawl between staff and spectators at an oceanarium in Russia was caught on video.

The punch-up began after a man jumped into the dolphin pool. Security staff (dressed in black) removed him from the pool and at first everything seemed to have settled down.

But when more security staff arrived on the scene to evict the offending spectator, a major brawl began involving him, his friend and another member of the public who had appeared to be upset at the heavy-handedness of the security team.

Several people ended up in the pool and a number of punches were thrown during the brawl which lasted around five minutes.

You can see a short, light-hearted version of the video below (not shot by PFK, so we're not responsible for the comment regarding the girlfriend at the end!)


A full version showing the whole incident is also available.

The dolphin was not available for comment...

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