The next big thing: Microrasbora sp. Galaxy


I'm making a prediction: this fish, discovered just a few weeks ago, is going to be the next big thing in the aquarium trade - think of it as the next Puntius denisonii - at least for the smaller aquarium.

Known only as Microrasbora sp. "Galaxy", the exquisite little tropical cyprinid fish is believed to be an undescribed member of the Microrasbora genus, and is about to go on sale under the common name of Galaxy rasbora.

The man who introduced it, Kamphol Udomritthiruj of AquariCORP, says that the fish was found in Myanmar last month, but since it's such a new discovery he's keeping its exact collection locality under wraps for commercial reasons.

Udomritthiruj told Practical Fishkeeping: "It is already being offered to select UK wholesalers through Singapore and should be there within the month, I suspect, as one of the first places in the world."

At this stage, the exact identity of the fish remains a mystery - although it's almost certainly new. It appears to be a member of the Microrasbora genus, but shares some features with Danio choprai.

Says Udomritthiruj: "It is a Microrasbora only by association to Microrasbora erythromicon (ie. body shape and swimming characteristics). But whether M. erythromicon is sensu stricto 'Microrasbora' is another argument altogether.

"It is small 12-15mm; mature, ie. gravid females found at 12mm size. Slight sexual dimorphism with females only slightly less colourful. Intensity of scarlet fins are unaltered by mood, stress, courtship etc. Well conditioned males develop a red colouration to the chest-to-belly area."

I suspect that Wildwoods in Middlesex may be one of the first stores to obtain these. Judging by the stir they are creating online, I would imagine that the first batch is likely to sell out very quickly.

For more information on this species, see this article on Microrasbora sp. Galaxy.