The Deep takes on confiscated coral


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The Deep has offered a new home to a number of confiscated corals and clams following their seizure by the UK Border Agency CITES team (Conventional on International Trade in Endangered Species) at Heathrow Airport a number of months ago.

The corals and clams were seized on arrival from the Cook islands due to invalid CITES documents and have been temporarily housed at London Zoo, but have since been kindly donated to The Deep as their new home.

Katy Duke, Curator at The Deep said: "We are delighted to be able to offer these animals a new home in our coral display which helps to highlight the plight of coral in the wild. Coral reefs face a bleak future as warming sea temperatures are continuing to cause coral bleaching and ocean acidification threatens future growth and recovery of these important ecosystems.

"They are likely to be kept in quarantine for about a month before going on show in our coral display. We are currently moving a number of soft corals from here in the Lagoon of Light so these new ones will be a lovely addition."

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