The Deep is the first aquarium in the UK to joint WAZA


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The Deep, in Hull, is the first aquarium in the UK to be invited to join the prestigious World Association for Zoos and Aquariums (WAZA).

Now in its 77th year, WAZA is the unifying organisation for the world zoo and aquarium community. There are over 300 members across the world from leading zoos, aquariums, associations and corporate partners.

Katy Duke, Curator at The Deep said: "WAZA are committed to the highest standards of animal welfare and husbandry and we are delighted to be the first aquarium in the UK to work with them.

"WAZA operates on a global level, allowing us to share knowledge and information and have greater impact in our contributions to conservation alongside other like-minded organisations. It is fantastic to be part of so many zoos and aquariums who are working together to ensure the best possible animal welfare but actively participate in projects to help conserve animals and their habitats.

"Aquariums and Zoos are so much more than fun and educational days out. By supporting organisations such as ourselves you help to support the additional work going on behind the scenes and in the field.

Gerald Dick, WAZA Executive Director said: “WAZA is proud to welcome The Deep as a new member. Now part of the only professionally recognised global zoo and aquarium organisation in the world, The Deep will benefit from the WAZA network by sharing information and best practices, getting inspiration and learning from international peers, as well as benefiting from existing or prospective international partnerships. To sum up; being part of a global community.
"We are very happy that The Deep is now part of our family and wish all the best to the World’s only submarium."
It is estimated that over 700 million visitors, visit zoos and aquariums in the WAZA network every year, making them one of the biggest leisure activities for families.

The Deep operates as an environmental and conservation charity and is involved in numerous projects around the globe. These include a five-year research programme alongside the world renowned Equipe Cousteau, to study the manta ray population off the coast of Sudan, coral reproduction fieldwork in Puerto Rico, native species studies with the Zoological Society of London and Natural England, fen raft spider rearing for reintroduction and facilitating the marine protected area project for the North East of England for Net Gain.

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