TetraNatura foods for freshwater fish


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Food and equipment manufacturer Tetra have released a new range of foods which they say is a completely new concept in feeding fish.

Tetra state that TetraNatura is the first natural alternative to flake food for giving ornamental fish a complete diet. 

It consists of natural ingredients such as bloodworm, brine shrimp and algae, in a nutrient-enriched edible gel, which Tetra say offers a closer-to-nature diet that tastes great.  

"TetraNatura has been formulated and tested to ensure it provides all the nutrition fish need for a balanced diet."

"The product comes in easy-to-use sachets, and does not need refrigerating or freezing."

"In addition to the standard product, TetraNatura is also available as a complementary feeding block, which provides up to 24hrs feeding."

"The blocks are ideal for grazing species, or simply for enriching the diet and behaviour of all fish."


Rupert Bridges, Product Manager at Tetra UK comments:  “TetraNatura brings real innovation to the fish food market, giving fishkeepers a new way to feed their fish."

"It is an ideal alternative to flakes and other dry foods, for fishkeepers that want to feed a more nature-like food that tastes great."

"Our research and development team has used gel technology to create a closer-to-nature complete food, by combining natural foods with a nutrient-enriched edible gel."

"The product has been created for fishkeepers who are keen to provide their fish with both the right nutrition and a more interesting and natural diet. ”