Tetra launches unique diet for sterlets


Tetra has launched a ground breaking diet aimed at meeting the complex nutritional requirements of sterlets and sturgeon.

Besides looking completely different to normal pond fish, sterlets and sturgeon also have completely different nutritional needs.

Tetra says its new TetraPond Sterlet Sticks are the only food that has been formulated solely for the unique feeding requirements of sterlets and sturgeon. The others on the market may in fact be repackaged diets intended for feeding to non-cartilaginous bony fishes and it has been suggested that these may be partially responsible for the losses experienced by sterlet owners.

Tetra told PFK: "Sterlets and other sturgeon have a unique feeding biology which makes them very different to other pond fish. For example, they have a low tolerance to carbohydrates and enjoy a natural diet that is very different to other commonly kept fish. This means they need a completely different formulation, and cannot be fed on sinking foods for other bottom feeders such as tench and catfish."

The new food was developed over an extended period following in-depth research trials with ornamental sturgeon farms and the Institute of Fisheries in Potsdam. The study was coordinated by Tetra's research and development laboratories, which it says are the world's largest.

Chris Nickson, the Marketing Manager at Tetra enthused: "Sterlets and other sturgeon have grown in popularity over the years due to the unique appearance and friendly nature. However, they have unique dietary requirements, which until now have not been properly met.

"Our entry into this market is reflective of our commitment to optimise fish health. By feeding a food that is precisely matched to a particular fish's needs means the conditions of that fish will be improved."