Tetra launches two new filters for reptile keepers


Tetra has added two powerful filters to its range of products for reptiles.

The Tetra Repto Filter RF 250 and Tetra Repto Deco Filter RDF 300 will offer reptile keepers two new easy to use, high quality filters that help to keep their water in peak condition.

The Tetra Repto Filter RF 250 is an easy-to-clean powerful filter with a 3.5 W pump and efficient three-stage filtration. It has a quick release mechanism which means the impeller is easy to maintain and the lid keeps reptiles safe and out of the filter chamber. It filters up to 40lph.

The Tetra Repto Deco Filter offers the strongest filter on the market, filtering up to 300lph. It has a realistic stone appearance and a three-step filtration process for clean, healthy water. It has a powerful 3.5 W pump and is easy-to-clean. Its waterfall shape has been designed to ensure it is safe for reptiles.

Tetra extended its reptile range earlier this year.