Tetra launches new Medica treatment range


The result of research into the most common causes of aquarium loss, Tetra UK has launched a new range of eight treatments to treat both general and specific illness in fish.

The Tetra Medica range treats the most common fungal, parasitic and bacterial infections in both goldfish and tropical fish.

As it is often difficult to diagnose the specific cause of illness, Tetra recommends the use of a general treatment, such as GoldMed or Medica GeneralTonic unless a specific disease has been identified. If in doubt, always seek advice from your livestock supplier.

Product Manager Rena Wiethaupt said: "It can be extremely distressing when a fish becomes ill so we have created a range that includes a mix of general and specific cures, to quickly and effectively treat both tropical and goldfish."

Specific applications include Medica TremaEx, to treat ectoparasitic trematodes (skin and gill fluke) and Medica CestoNemaEx, to treat nematode, cestode and lernea (anchor worm) infection.

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