Tetra launches new GoldfishPRO food


Tetra has added Tetra GoldfishPRO to its goldfish range, offering a nutritionally balanced premium food for all goldfish.

The highly nutritious crisp is produced through Tetra’s patented low-heat production process which ensures high vitamin stability. The multi-crisp with its patented Active formula contains colour concentrate and is rich in carotenoid pigments to enhance the health, colour and vitality of the goldfish. It is available in a 100ml pot.

Rena Wiethaupt, Product Manager at Tetra UK adds: "This is a food for those expert fishkeepers who understand the specific needs of goldfish and want to get the best display possible from their aquarium. It offers high quality nutrition which means it also keeps the water clean and clear and the fish looking their very best."

Tetra says: "Crisps are processed at a much lower temperature than flakes which leads to less nutrient degradation and a healthier food for the fish. Crisps also have a more favourable protein:oil ratio. If less protein is converted to energy, less ammonia is produced, more of the food is retained and therefore there is less solid waste in the aquarium.

"The crisp also contains colour concentrate which is rich in carotenoid pigments. These are taken up and modified by the fish before being exported to the chromatophores, or colour cells, in the skin. Combined with the other features of Tetra GoldfishPRO crisps this will ensure premium health, colour and vitality."

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