Tetra launches new FunTips food


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Tetra has introduced new FunTips, offering an interactive way of feeding your aquarium fish.

The two-colour tablets can be stuck to the aquarium glass or hung from decor, drawing tropical fish to the ideal point of observation, allowing owners to watch more closely than ever before, as well as easily and comfortably checking the health and condition of their fish.

The 2in1 tablets combine high quality special flakes with nutritious natural foods such as brine shrimp, Krill, Gammarus and Daphnia. The green side contains vegetable ingredients (spirulina and chlorella) for enhanced health and vitality, while the orange side contains natural carotenoids for increased colouration.

Funtips are priced at £1.69 (for 20 tablets) and £4.99 (for 75 tablets).


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