Tetra extends its reptile range


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Tetra has added 10 new products to its reptile range, including food, care products and filters.

The food products offer complete and treat food for aquatic turtles, tortoises, aquatic frogs and newts.  

The new foods include Tetra ReptoMin Energy - a complete food for water turtles. It contains protein and other essential nutrients to promote growth, particularly beneficial when nutritional demands are higher, following treatment or disease, for example.  

Tetra ReptoMin Menu is a staple food for all aquatic turtles, combining a complete food and two different natural treat foods in one, easy to use, tin.  It offers a complete and varied diet.

Tetra is also launching three new supplements for aquatic turtles.  Tetra ReptoDelica Snack is a gel block with daphnia, enriched with essential vitamins. Its natural taste means high acceptance by turtles, while its patented Active Formula encourages a healthy immune system.  

Tetra Gammarus Mix is a highly nutritious natural food for water turtles that provides a varied and species-specific diet.  Gammarus are high in natural minerals and fibres for ideal digestion; anchovies are rich in protein for optimal growth.  

Tetra Gammarus Mix is designed to be fed as a supplement to Tetra ReptoMin.

Tetra ReptoDelica Grasshoppers is a new supplement for aquatic turtles which contains sun-dried grasshoppers for a high protein content of over 70%, thus promoting growth.  Designed as a healthy snack, Tetra ReptoDelica Grasshoppers ensures a varied diet and should ideally be fed in addition to Tetra ReptoMin.

Tetra is also launching a balanced complete diet designed especially for aquatic frogs and newts under the name of Tetra ReptoFrog Granules.  These slowly sinking granules are easy to swallow and rich in protein for optimal growth. The food is not only plentiful in anchovies, real shrimps and freshwater algae, but it also contains essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Tetra ReptoFrog Granules are suitable for all small amphibians and, thanks to the patented Active Formula, promote health, growth and vitality.

The new care products include Tetra ReptoSafe, which makes tap water safe for reptiles, and Tetra ReptoFresh, which removes unpleasant smells from the turtle aquarium. By releasing active oxygen to the water, it works immediately and is therefore unique on the market

Two new filters complete the range. The Tetra ReptoFilter 250 is an easy-to-clean powerful filter with a 2.5 W pump and efficient three-stage filtration.  Disposable filter cartridges are designed for less hasslem and a special lid keeps reptiles safely out of the filter chamber.

Tetra is also offering the Tetra ReptoDeco Filter 300, which has a decorative stone appearance and three-step filtration process. The 3.5 W pump filters up to 300 lph, ensuring a clean and healthy aquatic terrarium water.