Teenage goldfish killer 'didn't want to leave witnesses'


A teenager killed three goldfish because he "didn't want to leave any witnesses".

The 16-year-old from Arlington Heights in Illinois, USA, is charged with burglary and animal cruelty after breaking into an apartment in January along with two other boys and stealing a video game system, CD player, video games, DVDs, a BB gun, jewellery and a safe.

When the residents returned home they also found their goldfish dead after hot sauce, mustard, ketchup and spices had been poured into the water.

Sgt. Mike Hernandez of the Arlington Heights Police Department told the Daily Herald: "As a matter of fact, it’s a little disturbing. According to the police report, he looked at the fish tank and said: 'We can’t leave any witnesses.'"

All three boys will be tried in juvenile court.