Superfish Aqua 20 Junior kit and Goldfish kit


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The kids are off school so why not get them keeping fish?

Kids can learn loads from keeping fish — responsibility, life and death, reproduction and a bit about science and natural history too.

Most of PFK's contributors are life-long fishkeepers and part of what makes them expert is that they started to learn about fish when they were very young.

Superfish has produced two aquariums with children very much in mind — the Aqua-20 Junior kit and the Aqua 20 Goldfish kit.

Both hold 20 l of water and come complete with integrated hood, light, filter, net, thermometer, food and water conditioners. The Junior kit comes with a blue trim top and bottom and the Goldfish kit, silver. Both come with a two year guarantee.

At only 20 litres we wouldn't recommend goldfish in either kit but you could opt for White Cloud Mountain minnows and maybe some snails and shrimp in either tank or add a heater and go for some tiny Endler's livebearers.

PFK readers know plenty about which small fish would be suitable so we just advise that you use common sense when stocking such small tanks.

Why not get some kids keeping fish this summer and introduce them to a great hobby that we love so much?

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