Strange fish tale 3: Shocking death of worm collector


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Our trawl through the archives this week reveals a fishkeeper who was killed while hunting earthworms to use as fish food.

Joann Altheimer of Little Sioux, Iowa, was electrocuted by a home-made electrical device used to shock earthworms.

The device works rather like the electrofishing equipment used by fisheries scientists.

An electrical charge is applied to the ground for a short period and the worms rise to the surface in an attempt to escape, allowing them to be collected very easily.

Altheimer had reportedly soaked her garden with a hose before going out with her electrical worm shocker.

The Omaha Channel said that Altheimer had a number of large fish and needed to collect some worms to feed them.

The Harrison County Sheriff's Office, which took away Altheimer's worm shocker, told Zwire: "I definitely wouldn't use anything with electricity to collect worms."

Please don't try this at home.

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