Stolen giant sturgeon recaptured


A nine foot long sturgeon at the centre of a police enquiry has turned up again after being stolen, says a report from The Scotsman.

The 120kg fish, caught earlier this week, was due to be sold at a fish market, however, the authorities stepped in and said that the sale couldn't go ahead, as sturgeon are the property of the monarch. Its captor claims to have received a fax from the Queen saying that it was OK to dispose of the fish as he saw fit.

A policeman told The Scotsman: "We have had a phone call and as a result we have seen the fish at a location which we are not going to release.

"The inquiry goes on. The fish is now under police possession and we are seeing if any criminal offences have been committed."

It is now likely that the fish, nicknamed Stanley, will be offered to the Fish Section of the Natural History Museum in London.