Star Fisheries open to the public on Sunday, November 25


The home of the largest selection of goldfish in the UK, Surrey-based Star Fisheries is having another open day this November.

"An amazing array of new fish have recently arrived from around the world and will be on offer at our second  open day of the year." said Andy Green of Star Fisheries.

"We have taken delivery of four new consignments of fish since our last open day, so you can be assured of a varied selection of quality fancy goldfish."

"From small fish to jumbo, dinner plate size fish, from regular varieties to the rare breeds, all will be available."

Star Fisheries is unusual among coldwater fish wholesalers as it provides Japanese and English bred varieties of goldfish as well as those from China.

If you're looking for a Veiltail, Bristol shubunkin, Tosakin or Ranchu or a large selection of Chinese varieties, it may be worth getting in contact with them.

Star Fisheries is located at 94A Benhill Road, Sutton, Surrey SM1 3RX. Tel. 0208 915 0455.

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