Star Fisheries Open Day!


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 Credit: Nathan Hill Credit: Nathan Hill
Star Fisheries Open Day!

Credit: Nathan Hill

Love Fancy Goldfish? Looking for something to do this Sunday?

Star Fisheries will be running an open day for showcasing High quality fancy Goldfish on Sunday March 4th 2018.

If you remember the Goldfish Galore article in our January issue you’ll have an idea of the quality of fancy Goldfish that can be found at Star Fisheries. The fish available this weekend have been selected from around the world to offer small, high grade fish, one-off show standard fish and a number of ‘special’ fish which have been grown on to jumbo size at the Star Fisheries facilities.

Some bargains can be expected as this is the last open day until October.

10am to 3pm (latest entry at 2.30pm) at:

The event is open from

Star Fisheries, 94a Bexhill Road, Sutton, Surrey, SM1 3RX

Tel: 0208 915 0455

(no standard grade goldfish will be available at the open day.)