Sponsor a virtual Zebra danio to help cure heart disease


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The British Heart Foundation (B.H.F.) has launched a new fundraising campaign in the form of a virtual fish tank to help raise awareness of its scientific research, while at the same time celebrating 50 years of its 'Mending Broken Hearts' appeal.

The BHF virtual aquarium will be 'stocked' with virtual Zebra danios (also known as Zebrafish) with a new fish being created every time someone signs up and donates to the campaign.

The aquarium can sit within your computer's browser where you will be able to see an ever increasing number of the fish appear as supporters of the campaign, including scientists and celebrities add their own personalised Zebrafish to the tank as 'a representation of hope'.

The Zebra danio (Danio rerio) is the subject of studies into ways of repairing the damage caused to human hearts by heart attacks and heart disease after it was discovered that the popular aquarium fish has an amazing ability to regenerate lost or damaged heart tissue.

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