Spiny eel lodges in teenager's throat


A teenager who was fishing in Bangladesh underwent emergency surgery after a 15cm/6in Spiny eel he caught ended up in his throat.

The boy, who hasn't been named, had tried to hold the fish between his teeth while he caught another, but it managed to wriggle its way down his throat and lodged in the boy's windpipe.

On examination at the hospital, doctors were unable to see the fish in the boy's throat, although they discovered some lacerations. They carried out an emergency procedure to help him breathe, in which they cut into the front of his neck and inserted a tube into his windpipe, but he was still unable to get enough air into his lungs.

Five hours later the tail of the fish was spotted through the hole in the boy's windpipe and it was eventually moved using forceps. By that time the fish was dead, although it is believed that it would have been alive for some time.

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