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Special Christmas subs offer


Subscribe to Practical Fishkeeping before Christmas and you'll get two free aquarium books worth 45.

If you sign up to a subscription to the magazine by quarterly direct debit you pay just 10.56 per quarter, but you'll also receive two books worth an incredible 45 - that's more than the subscription itself!

Besides the books, you'll get the usual 13 issues of PFK we produce every year, plus our regular supplements, such as Practical Marine Fishkeeping and our Fishkeeping Directory.

Subscribers also get their magazine before they go on sale in the shops, and you won't pay a penny for postage.

We also have regular giveaways and competitions in the magazine which are exclusive to subscribers, and we'll soon be offering special subscriber-only content on the PFK website!

The two books are available to both new and renewing subscribers.

Setting up a tropical aquarium week-by-week by Stuart Thraves

This new book shows you how to set up your tank in stages from day one to week 12 and beyond. It covers all the key topics including planning, decor, setting up, planting and maintenance. There are loads of pictures with profiles on 50 plants and 100 fish. This hardback book contains 400 colour pictures in its 208 pages. It usually retails for 20.

Focus on Freshwater Aquarium Fish by Geoff Rogers and Nick Fletcher

This stunning book where the fish are very much the stars of the show features more than 800 photographs of over 150 popular aquarium fish. It's a pictorial gallery which provides the 'wow' factor for freshwater fish - and we're sure will also inspire non-fishkeepers to take up the hobby. This hardback has 208 pages and usually retails for 25.

Get both of these books FREE with this great subscription offer.

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