Smelly 'rock' could be worth £100,000!


A man whose dog uncovered an unusual 'rock', while walking on Morecambe beach in Lancashire, was stunned to find it's potentially worth up to £100,000.

The yellow lump of rock, weighing around 3kg, is believed to be a rare piece of hardened sperm whale vomit, known as ambergris - used as an ingredient in perfume manufacture.

Ken Wilman's Boxer dog Madge made the find, which Mr. Wilman said "smelled horrible".

So far he has been offered £43,000 by a dealer in France, but experts say it could be worth twice that.

Mr. Wilman is planning to send a small sample to France, where it will hopefully be verified as ambergris by a dealer - if it is, he says "it will be like winning the Lottery".

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