Six-year-old 'eaten' by piranhas


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A girl has been found dead after being partially devoured by piranhas, according to news reports in Brazil.

Adrila Muniz was on a family holiday in in Monte Alegre with her grandmother and four other children when the canoe they were in capsized during a storm.

Three of the children were pulled from the water but Adrila's grandmother was not able to reach her. A group of local people helped to search for the little girl and later discovered her body, which had been partially eaten by piranhas.

Very graphic images of the injuries were included with some of the news reports, showing almost all the flesh stripped from her legs, exposing the bone.

However, it seems likely that the girl drowned after the canoe capsized and that the piranhas only began to eat her after she had died.

Attacks on humans by piranhas are very rare.

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