Shrimp expert on tour of the UK


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In a joint project between Maidenhead Aquatics and the German aquarium plants supplier and manufacturer Dennerle, author, photographer and 'Crustahunter' Chris Lukhaup, will talk about everything that makes the subject of shrimp so fascinating on a number of dates in the UK.

In the workshops, participants will receive information about the various types of shrimps and about their natural habitats along with advice on correct shrimp keeping and required equipment, with fascinating pictures.

Also on board will be Stefan Walter and Patrick Hege from Dennerle to reply to technical aspects with regard to the Dennerle solution for your future shrimp home and the shrimp food line ShrimpKing. Participants will also receive feed samples for testing.

Here are the dates:
March 17: Maidenhead Aquatics Southsea
First show: 4pm, second show: 6pm

March 18: Maidenhead Aquatics Cardiff   
First show: 4pm, second show: 6pm

March 19: Maidenhead Aquatics St. Albans   
First show: 5pm, second show TBA

Register early as places are limited!   

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