Shark discovered swimming in a park pond!


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Attempts are being made by wildlife officers in Florida to catch and remove a 120cm/4ft Bull shark from a freshwater pond at a park.

It's thought the shark has been dumped in the landlocked pond at Gleason Park in Indian Harbour Beach and may have been living there for a month or more. A number of park visitors have reported seeing it, particularly those walking their dogs by the pond.

Experts have been trying to catch the shark using bait, such as chum and mullet, with a deep sea fishing rod but all they have caught so far are nine turtles.

Wildlife trapper James Dean, told "It is not a public safety issue as long as the media is putting it out there and people keep their children, their dogs away from the water. This shark is not going to jump out of the water like an alligator does."

He says he intends to release the shark into the Indian River once it has been caught.

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