Shark dies on water slide


A shark on display at a public aquarium has met a sticky end after jumping down a water slide into a pool of chlorinated water.

According to TMZ, the 12-year-old shark was a resident at the Mayan Temple aquarium at the Atlantis resort in the Bahamas.

The fish stunned onlookers by jumping over a barrier surrounding its aquarium, and then landing on a water slide known as the Leap of Faith, and briefly swimming around the hotel's swimming pool.

But the pool's chlorinated freshwater was placing the shark under significant stress, and despite the aquarium staff removing the fish as quickly as they could, the fish did not survive the ordeal.

In a statement, the hotel said: "The Atlantis Aquarists believe the shark was startled by an unusual circumstance that we have no way of defining completely.

"In the over ten years guests have experienced the Leap of Faith, the reef shark itself, harmless to humans as it is fed regularly by our staff, had shown no previous incidences of leaping out of the water in the marine habitat.

"The habitat itself is part of the resort's open system which filters water from the Atlantic Ocean and is completely separated from the chlorinated water system on the slides. Once the shark fell onto the slide and into the chlorinated water, it was in significant distress.

"The Marine Aquarium Operations team responded immediately and was able to retrieve the animal at the bottom of the slide and return the animal to the main marine habitat in an attempt to resuscitate her. Despite the team's best efforts to recover the animal, it died shortly after the occurrence."