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The September issue of PFK comes with the first of several free supplements featuring reptiles and amphibians called Reptile Answers.

This is a pull-out section provided in addition to all the usual fishy content, so if you're not interested in it, you can always pass it on to a friend.

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Focus on Discus: Hailed by many as the kings of the aquarium, Discus are hugely popular and virtually constitute a hobby in their own right. Jeremy Gay offers a few pointers on how to keep them. Great planted tanks: George Farmer revisits a set-up that might not win any major awards, but he considers it a welcome change. Going green: The third Neon tetra is overshadowed by other members of the genus and is difficult to breed. John Rundle is finally claiming success.

Pride in the lions: Bob Goemans is happy to live with the dangers that lurk in his aquaria - visitors just love the wow factor of his mane attraction. Playing cupid: Ben Lee encourages two Pacman catfish, Lophiosilurus alexandri into a successful breeding programme. King of the killifish: John Robertson discovers that colourful and flamboyant Blue gularis males completely overshadow drab females.

Get into fishkeeping: Bright colours, intelligence and interesting breeding behaviour make cichlids popular and Dr Neale Monks has advice for newcomers to these fish. Trop Idol update: There's only three contenders left. Read how they got there after the latest challenge - breeding. Discus championships: Some of the finest specimens went on show in Poland recently, says Dougall Stewart. Made to measure: Tanks around three and four feet are the most popular size. Phil Hunt looks at fish and invertebrates ideal for these set-ups.

20 reasons to set up another aquarium: Do you need an excuse for another aquarium? Jeremy Gay offers a few reasons you can use to add that extra tank. Stuff you need to know about live food: Bruce Reid looks at the nutritional value of fruit flies to your fish. The seven dwarfs: Mary Bailey spotlights a group of good-looking dwarf cichlids - the Apistogramma - some of which are among the most popular in the hobby. Dreams can come true: It is every reef enthusiasts' dream to have a mega-sized tank, as Les Holliday finds out.

Simple but stunning: Not everyone has the time, patience or finance to set up and maintain a high-tech planted aquarium. Tom Messenger prepares a realistic alternative in a step-by-step guide. Interesting Imports: Matt Clarke looks at some of the new, unusual and rarely seen fish currently on sale in the shops, including Channa pulchra, Brittanichthys axelrodi and Parailia pellucida. Good Gear Guide: We check out some of the new fishkeeping products in the shops, and look at some of the replica wood and rocks available for the aquarium. Sealing your pond: Keith Holmes answers one of the most frequently asked questions about how to make your pond wall watertight.

Spots before your eyes: If you're new to keeping reptiles, the Leopard gecko has plenty to offer. Choosing the right reptile cage: What should you be looking for when choosing the best vivarium for your reptile. Jon Coote has some advice. Fire down below: Easy to keep - and beautiful with it. Jeremy Gay on the virtues of the Oriental fire bellied toad. Want to keep a snake? They are more rewarding than almost every other type of pet, says Jon Coote. What's new for reptiles: We look at the latest products on the reptile market.

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