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Rathbun’s tetra in the wild
13 September 2021
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Report: 2021 BKKS National Koi Show results
13 September 2021
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The World's forgotten fishes
16 August 2021
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Black phantoms in the wild!
02 August 2021
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Understanding territories
06 July 2021

In the September 2017 issue of Practical Fishkeeping, you can discover some of the brightest freshwater fish out there, and what makes them even more special is that you can grow them at home from mail order eggs — they’re the fishy equivalent of garden seeds!

Also in the September issue:

Find out why the Flyer cichlid makes a great introduction to Central American cichlids, and earn your breeding stripes by spawning the Zebra danio. We explain how to go about it.

We have some great inspirational ideas for three-foot tank set-ups — or alternatively, why not go ‘scape hunting? The concept is simple: go out, explore, be inspired, then use your experience to create an aquascape. 

We revisit the star of one of this year’s most popular PFK reader visits, and bring you more rarities and curiosities encountered on our travels recently.

Discover how you can add variety to the diet of your fish, shrimp and snails, and save money into the bargain. And there are more ways to save money with our outdoor project ideas — so go on, make the most of the rest of the summer. It won’t last for ever! 

We look at the arguments for and against keeping the remarkable Cleaner wrasse in the aquarium, and if that new marine fish you added acts nothing like you expected, or a peaceful fish has become a tyrant, our special feature explains what may have caused these changes in behaviour?

All this plus your questions answered by our team of experts, the latest products tried and tested — and much more.     

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