Second sighting of Cornwall's "Great White" shark


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Tourists have had a second sighting of what is believed to be a Great White shark off a Cornish beach.

The Sun has published a second front page story, this time showing a large shark filmed on Friday during a sightseeing cruise of the same area. Watch the video here.

At the weekend the tabloid published video footage showing what appears to be a large predatory shark leaping from the water among a group of dolphins swimming close to Porthmeor beach near St Ives in Cornwall. (See Shark spotted hunting dolphins off Cornwall).

Catherine Price of Wolverhampton who filmed the 12ft shark told The Sun: "We only got back late on Friday night and first thing Saturday morning I saw The Sun's front page.

"It suddenly hit me that it was exactly the same place we had been that the other man spotted the Great White - and that it was probably the same shark.

"It was horrifying. If I'd known it was a Great White at the time I would have panicked.

"Everyone said it was a harmless Basking shark, so I just carried on filming. It was massive. The boat got right up close to it. We were only about four or five metres away.

"It sends shivers down my spine thinking about it now. It's not what you expect to see off the Cornwall coast."

Great White?A number of large shark species are found off British coasts, and there is every possibility that the fish sighted could be one of those.

Mako shark, Porbeagle shark and Basking shark are all seen off the coast of British coast, particularly during the summer months.

The Great White shark, Carcharodon carcharias, has not been officially recorded from UK waters.

However, it is found in waters of similar temperatures around the world and there is a possibility that the fish could exist here.

Museum records show that the fish has been caught in the Mediterranean before, as this map on Fish Mapper shows.

Graham Burrows, a curator at the National Sea Life Centre in Birmingham told The Sun: "I would not rule out the possibility of this being a Great White - the tail is identical. There are other sharks off the coast of Britain that have similar features.

"But I would be amazed if there are not Great Whites in the sea off Cornwall. There is a plentiful supply of food and I cannot see why they could not thrive in the conditions."

Do you think Great White sharks are living off the coast of England? Have your say in our poll on the subject. Vote now.