Sealife London Aquarium plays love songs to help Zebra shark pair to mate


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The deep musical notes of Barry White have been called upon at Sea Life London Aquarium, to help 6 year old Zebra shark, Zorro, to mate.

Hopes were high for a great romance when the Aquarium introduced, Zorro, to single female Mazawabee on Valentine s Day this year.

But despite being a legend for his loving at his previous home, Sea Life Belgium, he has failed to take any love action since the move.

Zorro has something of a reputation as a ladies shark and as Mazawabee has been single for a number of years we thought they would get together very quickly, said Paul Hale, Curator at the London Aquarium.

But it s been months since their first introduction and although there are certainly signs that Zorro has been making advances, we would really have expected some serious mating by now."

The Zebra shark chart

Top of the menu of saucy tunes is Barry White with ~Baby we better try to get it together and Marvin Gaye s ~Let s get it on .

Wet Wet Wet and Lionel Ritchie will also be on the playlist.

"Research suggests that fish can not only hear music but can appreciate different tunes and melodies so we have decided to see if some good old fashioned love songs will get them in the mood! said Paul.

If Zorro and Mazawabee hit it off it is hoped they will play a part in the London Aquarium s vital breeding programme.

Sea Life have achieved many pioneering breakthroughs, in particular its seahorse and jellyfish breeding programmes.

The Sea Life London Aquarium is a major centre of importance for breeding in the UK and strives to inform visitors about the threats faced by sea creatures.