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This stunning portrait of a seahorse beat 2,500 entries from 40 countries to come top in the Underwater Photographer of the Year competition.

Nuno Sá, from Portugal, was named Underwater Photographer of the Year (UPY) 2015, for his exquisitely lit close up image of a Short-snouted seahorse, taken in Algarve and entitled '50 Tons of Me'. Sá was documenting a seahorse breeding program for National Geographic and hopes the success of his photo will highlight the plight of seahorses and the value of captive breeding. "Each year 50 tonnes of seahorses are caught for aquariums and the traditional oriental medicines," said Sá, "and captive breeding would really take the pressure of wild populations."

The awards were announced at the London International Dive Show in February.

You can view all the winning images on the Underwater Photographer of the Year website.

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